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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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includes a stanford university student as well. the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit include individuals who applied to the universities named as defendants. the lawsuit says the plaintiffs paid an admission application fee to one or more of the universities name and got rejected. one of the plaintiffs is a stanford student who applied to usc. the lawsuit says, quote, had she known that the system at usc was warped and rigged by fraud, she would not have spent the money to apply to the school. the attorney who filed the complaint say students didn't receive what they paid for. in an e-mail to abc 7 news saying, quote, the students allege that what they got was a process tainted by bribes and school officials who failed to assure an honest application process. he says they want their application fees back. hasting . >> tt'ctually a brett pretty good case. under california law, it's quite generous towards consumers in that kind of situation. >> stanford university tells
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abcthat the lawsuit is without merit, and it stands behind the integrity of its admissions process. while the university of san diego says it does not comment on pending litigation and is conducting an investigation into the allegations. meantime, bay area mom jennifer toy filed a $500 billion lawsuit against the cheating students in the case. she writes, quote, my son was denied access to a college. not because he failed to work and study hard enough, but because wealthy individuals felt it was okay to lie, cheat and steal their children's way into a good college. levine says that lawsuit might not stand up. >> it's just too much of a long shot. there is too many problems with that kind of a lawsuit. >> the university of tax at austin just got back to us saying it is also outraged and that the university has a thorough holistic applications process that is not reflected in these allegation. >> all right, melanie, thank you. and there are three other big
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things to know about the story today. rick singer, the man at the heart of the scam is speaking out through his attorney. the attorney says singer takes full responsibility. rick singer feels a great sense of relief by pleading guilty, calls it an emotional catharsis. singer cooperated with authorities for six months. he helped by recording multiple conversations. one of the actresses wrapped much the case lori loughlin. she has been dropped by the hallmark channel. in addition, sephora is no longer working with loughlin's daughter olivia jade. sephora had been carrying the 19-year-old student's bronzer and highlight palette which she promoted to her 1.9 million youtube subscribers and 1.4 million instagram followers. >> within the past hour, 49ers great joe montana acknowledged his family worked with rick singer. montana tweeted mr. singer's company provided nothing more than minimal consulting services
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to our family. like so many other families with the college application process. fortunately, our kids were able to pick from a number of schools to attend due to their hard work and their merit. montana has four children. well, coming up in our next half hour, we talk with an expert about the pressure students trying to get into college the legal way face these days. it's so competitive. and parents, how do you talk to your kids about their expectations and yours? and we sent this alert this morning on our abc 7 news app about the very first lawsuit that was filed. the app is free to download in the app store. if you want push alerts like that in the future, be sure to enable notifications. bart says it's speeding up efforts to stop glitches like the one saturday. a switch failed which overwhelmed the system and delayed the start of service by three hours. today officials said they've been working on two improvements that would have prevented that shutdown. now they're speeding up those planned improvements.
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>> the failed switch has been replaced. and, again, we are accelerating the two efforts which were under way prior though this event, upgrading the computer hardware and network infrastructure and establishing a remote redundant network disaster recover center. >> bart says that data center would have prevented the outage from happening. bart expects it to be operational in a few months. we've been focusing on the issues plaguing bart as part of our building a better bay area initiative. and today the transit agency announced it is making an historic investment in escalators. >> bart plans to replace 41 escalators at downtown stations over the next seven years. eric thomas is live at the embarcadero bart station with the story. eric? >> and ama, it's going to take seven years and cost about $96.5 million. i've been seeing some tweets where bart riders think that's a long time and a lot of money, but they also think it's about time.
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th atstio ty' oly clean, and sometimes it's a coin flip whether they're in service or not. >> they're not always working. and when they don't work, it slows the entire process down. >> sometimes when they're out and you have to walk, it does make it difficult, especially for the handicapped. >> more than the maintenance, the smell of it, how clean they are, oftentimes they smell like urine. it's disgusting. >> in fact, it was one of the biggest complaints in our week-long building a better bay area focus on bart last month. for example, this e-mail from jesse in response to our stories. it reads in part, "about once every one or two weeks the up escalator at the west end of the embarcadero bart platform sought of commission during the extremely busy morning commute. but now bart is taking action. >> this is the biggest escalator repair and restoration contract that we've ever had. >> bart board president announcing the transit system has agreed to a multimillion-dollar contract to
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replace 41 escalators at downtown bart stations. >> this is how we welcome people. are they welcome to an entrance where the escalator is working and when they're safe from the rain and there is not dirt on the stairs, and our employees feel good. >> the project will cost $96.5 million for 41 escalators. that's about $2.35 million apiece. installation and the first couple years of maintenance will be handled by the schindler company of new jersey, in part to work out all the bugs and to allow bart to beef up its staff of technicians whose have their own challenges. >> i met an escalator repair person who in his first month on the job was chased by someone at civic center station with a hatchet in their hand. >> that worker was not injured, and bart has since beefed up its security policies. now why does it cost so much? bart says it actually came in under the projected cost, but part of what makes it so
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expensive is each one of these escalators has to be just about custom built and they're having problems finding state certified technicians because that is now a legal requirement when it wasn't before. in downtown san francisco, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you, eric. and as you mentioned, last month we did an entire week-long series looking at the issues bart and its riders face. people told us about broken escalators but also asked about everything from fare evaders to dirty stations to what the future holds for the transit agency. this includes bringing service to the south bay, and upgrading a modern fleet. but the main focus was the complaints we heard from you about the train system in its current form. >> do you want riders to complain? >> of course. that's how you fix it. >> we've been answering your questions as they come in. we're also looking at some of the things you tell us bart is
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doing well right now. we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to help build a better bay area. head to you can write us with your comments and suggestion. you can also contact us on twitter and join our better bay area page on facebook. transit officials in san francisco are investigating how construction crews missed signs of cracking in the salesforce transbay terminal. at a meeting engineers confirmed the cause of the damage. they say microcracks that appeared during construction spread during the welding process. tests also show the beam located over fremont street had weak spots in its interior. still, construction companies working on the project were ultimately responsible for quality control. >> the microcracking was done as because of the flame cutting of the access holes. the cracks was the welding. all these are construction issues, and they were done in the construction process, and we rely on the contractor to fix them.
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>> repairs on the terminal are set to begin in early june. >> several lawmakers expanded a push to expand rent control. tenants groups joined legisla r legislators to promote a new bill. it would rewrite an existing law that banned cities from imposing rent control on certain units built after 1995. >> with the lack of strong local protections, tenants like myself become victims of rent gouging. >> for those 15 million californians not covered by rent control, this bill could create some rent certainty. >> a landlord's group, the california rental housing fordable utt ys it our abundance of recent rain may have been annoying to some and wearisome at times. california sought of drought. >> mike nicco posted this report to abc 7 news com.
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>> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with some good news. for the first time since december 20th, 2011, the state of california is not in a drought. that's according to the national drought mitigation center. according to officials, the state had experienced some form of a drought for 376 consecutive weeks. during january and february, the state was hit with several winter stormss that helped brin the snow back above 100%. >> very encouraging. coming up, tragedy in san francisco bay. >> the investigation into two gray whales found stranded. what officials say may have happened. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has tax experts here. they're here right now answering your questions until 8:00 p.m. so call the number, 415-954-7621. sandhya? >> and the calendar says winter,
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two dead gray whales were found in san francisco bay this week. and while it's not uncommon, these particular cases are certainly perplexing to scientists. >> they are. and abc 7 anchor dion lim went looking for answers about those deaths. dion? >> this is quite concerning. we are live al marina green. if you take a look at this map, it happens to be just under four miles from angel island state park. this is where scientists are peormi necps on the t one week.
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sky 7 flew over the west side of angel island today where you can see the team of about a dozen workers and volunteers or so collecting tissue samples and performing other tests to determine a cause of death. one whale showed a lack of body fat and was malnourished. while we're still waiting on the results of that second whale's necropsy, the about the thing according to dr. patrick noonan at the marine mammal center, these were not cases where human interaction were to blame. things liken tanglement or a net or a ship strike. the number of whales entering the bay has been extremely high this year, and the whales are staying longer. the doctor says this could be w and changing migration patterns could also be the reason. >> this is also the start of the northward hieg congratulation. so they're heading from mexico back up to alaska for the center. the younger animals are heading
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north now, and these animals are in poor body condition. >> back out here live now, because of the positioning of where that second whale was found in the surf line, it's a little more difficult for scientists to access that type of area. so the results of that necropsy should be available in the coming weeks. live in san francisco tonight, i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. >> thanks, dion. taxpayers are dealing with lots of changes this year in the tax code. >> they certainly are. 7 on your side's michael finney is live with the details. >> our experts have been amazingly busy today. a lot of phone calls are coming in. but we have time for your. most of our calls are about current tax obligations. but we're in a new tax year, and steve a tax attorney. you say if you're issues. >> yes. this is an area that became
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effective. it used to be if you received spousal support, often known as alimony, it was income to the recipient and a deduction to the payor. now it's the other way around. so the bottom line is no longer income to the recipient, but it's no longer a deduction. if you're getting a divorce, that is a tremendous difference to you. and a lot of times people aren't up on the latest tax laws, and if you think it's the old way, you're going to get a horrible surprise on one end or a big benefit on the other end. so the bottom line, it's something you really need to know about. >> does everybody have to go back to court to get this redone? >> no, no, no. what happens is as long as your court order was signed by 12-31-18, you're still covered under the old law. you're okay. it's still income to the recipient. but anybody that is getting a divorce in 2019 or thereafter is subject to these new rules. because it's the opposite. it's so important to know. >> steve, thank you so much. we appreciate you being here
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today. he is going to be here along with everybody else until 8:00. so if you have consumer question, give us a call at 415-954-7621. or go on to social media, ask finney. we'll be here until 8:00. reporting live from the 7 on your side offices, i'm michael finney. >> all right. thank you, michael. >> great. let's turn our attention back to the sunny warm skies. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with more. sandhya? >> and you can enjoy this dry weather that we have in place, guilt-free, dan and ama, because when you take a look here, we are completely out of the drought here in the bay area and around the state. this has not happened since 2011. so take a look for yourself. we have no drought. first time since december 20th, 2011. only 7% of california is dry right now. which is very encouraging news. but obviously, it's always a good idea to conserve no matter what because you don't know what's ahead in the years to come. and in case you want to go up to the mountains and enjoy this dry
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weather, do some skiing, some boarding, look at the weather for tahoe. 46 degrees tomorrow afternoon with partly cloudy skies. 51 saturday. even milder on sunday. just a few passing clouds. the mornings will be cold. but nice time to head up there and enjoy the statewide snowpack is at 160% of average. live doppler 7 right now showing you a lack of rain there are some clouds out there. and those clouds are just filtering the sunshine, as you look from our pier 39 camera. sea lions are just soak it all up. 58 in san francisco. low 60s oakland. san jose, mountain view right now. and a few sfroew view from the tam, it appears a fire might be there. 66 in concord. one other live picture from our sutro tower camera. a bit hazy as the clouds are coming through. sunny and even warmer tomorrow. spring-like warmth is coming your way this weekend. and there is the possibility of showers the middle of next week, if you're missing that rain.
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a look at your 12-hour planner for tomorrow. the sun comes up at 7:20. temperatures 30s, 40s. yes. that's your only sign of winter tomorrow morning. it's going to be a little chilly out there. in the afternoon hours, it's going to be a warmer day with the temperatures dropping once the sun goes down. speaking of dropping, tomorrow morning upper 30s to the mid-40s. out the door tomorrow afternoon. enjoy the mild weather in the south bay. 67 degrees in santa clara. near 70 in san jose. 66, santa cruz. a good day for the beach on the peninsula. 67 mountain view, palo alto. mids 60s around san mateo, millbrae. downtown san francisco daly city, low 60s. bright sunshine in the north bay. and everyone in the 60s except ukiah, 70 degrees. 65, vallejo. 66 in santa rosa and the east bay. oakland, berkeley, san leandro, low to mid-60s. 67 in fremont. enjoy the mild weather inland as 67 in concord and fairfield. 68 degrees in livermore. look what's coming. if you like it a little bit
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warmer, saturday you're going to be seeing some 70s in our inland valleys. and by sunday, above average. low to mid-70s in many of our inland and bayside communities. on monday, those temperatures will peak. it will be warm by march standards. looking at near 80 degrees inland. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny and milder for your friday. temperatures will be rising as we head into saturday. sunday feeling like spring on st. patrick's day. and really nice looking weather with mild to warm conditions for your monday. slight chance of a few showers tuesday night. but it looks like a better opportunity on the first day of spring, which is wednesday. we have a light level one system that is going to drop the temperatures, drop the possibility of some rain around here, and then thursday lingering clouds. accuweather and abc 7 are joining forces. i know. i've been told this doesn't look like purple. it's purplish. >> purple enough. >> to support young girls and women in stem. i think we need to have more women pursuing careers in that
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feld, absolutely. and soy just want to encourage and inspire people to do that. >> good for you. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> and we want to mention what you mentioned earlier, that we believe that that fire is actually on bethel island. worry working to gather more information on that. as we continue, oakland is the first u.s. city to get lime's new scooters. the one big change to the
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oakland is becoming the guinea pig for lime. the company is rolling out its newest and most technologically advanced scooter in the city before any other u.s. locations. it has several features including bigger wheels and three forms of breaking. one of the most important features is a dashboard display. it shows remaining battery life and speed and informs riders when they are in a no parking zone or riding on a sidewalk. >> in two hours tesla will review its all electric suv. elon musk will reveal it in los angeles. it's about 10%d to have a third row of seats and updated instrument panels. production will likely begin in hours. while new details about the murder of a mother in her south
6:25 pm
san jose home. prosecutors explain why they may still seek the death penalty, even after governor newsom's moratorium. another horse has died at santa anita racetrack. the changes cominging to many tracks across the state, including here in the bay area. cinco de mayo's hotline is
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> court documents released hours ago are shedding new details on how this woman, san jose resident bambi larson was killed two weeks ago today. >> an undocumented man from el salvador was charged today with her murder. prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty, even after governor newsom has stopped executions. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie has the latest information. >> neither police or prosecutors are revealing how the suspect, 24-year-old carlos arevalo-carranza allegedly got into the home of bambi larson in the early morning hours of february 28th. court documents released today say her body was discovered in the bedroom with extensive and deep wounds likely from a
6:29 pm
cutting tool after she failed to show up for work in santa clara. because the murder occurred during a burglary, and there was mayhem, the district attorney's office says arevalo-carranza is eligible for life in prison without parole and the death penalty, even though governor newsom has halted executions. >> that's a temporary moratorium by the governor. it had no impact on any of the individual district of attorneys offices obligation or responsibilities on whether to seek the imp soggs of the death penalty. >> neighborhood video security shows arevalo-carranza shedding clothing near the house. police said bloody shoeprints at the murder scene matched the tread of boots arevalo-carranza was wear when he was arrested on monday. court papers said he was in possession of ms. larson's cell phone and tablet. if convicted, arevalo-carranza's undocumented status and efforts by i.c.e. to detain him for possible deportation could be moot. >> he's going to spend the rest
6:30 pm
of his life in prison so that he can never hurt anyone again. >> reporter: arevalo-carranza is being held without jail. the family of bambi larson is not making any comment at this time. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. new details about the fatal shooting involves sheriff's deputies in the parking lot of a san leandro thrift store yesterday. the alameda county sheriff's office says deputies responded to the thrift town off east 14th street on a report of shoplifting. deputies found the suspect, 41-year-old charles ballard outside his suv. when they approached him, they say he ignored them, and put the car in reverse, dragging a deputy. a third deputy arrived on a motorcycle. they all opened fire. ballard died at the scene. the sheriff's office says he had a long rap sheet. >> he had been arrested in alameda county alone 50 plus times. mostly for theft-related offense, some drug sales and evading the police. >> the woman passenger in the suv was wounded. she is recovering. she is not considered a suspect.
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a dog in the suv was unhurt, as you see there and rescued. police union leaders launched a campaign today to take guns from thousands of high risk people who are banned from owning them. abc 7 news was in san jose when unions representing san jose and san francisco officers joined forces. the unions want local governments to increase the number of officers, helping state agents seize guns from people convicted of crimes and others with mental health problems. >> you do the math. 50 agents is not nearly enough to contact over 22,000 high risk individuals throughout california. >> police union leaders also urged californians to support senate bill 230. it would give police officers more training on how to deal with people suffering from mental health problems. new at 6:00, east bay congresswoman barbara lee honored the son of oakland
6:32 pm
security council woman ma mcelh. >> my heart is heavy for lynette and her family and all those who loved and cared for victor. victor was killed in los angeles, but his murder reflects the epidemic of gun violence in my district and all around the country, especially in communities of color. >> l.a. police say a group of men robbed victor mcelhany near his school, the university of southern california. no arrests have been made in the 21-year-old's murder. people and property on the line. the u.s. geological survey says nearly half a million californians, maybe you, and $150 billion in coastal real estate are at risk of flooding by the end of the century. the problem? rising sea levels and erosion. wayne free man visited a town that knows all too well just how destructive erosion can be. >> asleep on the beach in pacifica.
6:33 pm
a perfect moment in a less than perfect place based on the ocean's history around here. the fronts of homes tell stories. >> yeah, the waves break right over the seawall and cross the street and slam into the homes. >> look at it. you can see where literally took the concrete right off. >> jia egan doesn't know it yet, be her damage is already statistical and part of something frightening. a new report from the united states geological survey predicts $150 billion in california flood damage by the end of this century, blamed sea rise made worse by storms. >> once sea level rise in the bay area equals about $20 billion in damages and about 200,000 people exposed to flooding. >> the danger area, pretty much anywhere near sea level. san francisco and oakland airports, coastal counties north, south and east, even san francisco. in terms of costs, those $150 billion equal 15 times what we paid for the loma prieta earthquake and califonia
6:34 pm
wildfires. >> in fact, stayed wide san francisco bay accounts for 2/3 of the impacts that we project in the study. >> and pacifica's already on a leading edge. we've already watched as erosion claimed cliff side apartment house. when storms blow in, jia egan says despite a seawall, her house essentially becomes part of the pacific ocean. >> have i sand in my pipes, and i had to hire someone to get the pipe out of my water that i was drinking. >> shades of what many of us may be dealing with. in pacifica, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. another horse was euthanized today at the santa anita racetrack, the 22nd since racing season opened in december. investigators haven't come up with a reason for all the injuries at the prestigious southern california racetrack. protesters gathered outside the track today. the group which owns santa anita and golden gate fields announced today it's banning race day drugs and whips at the tracks from this day forward. >> any change is hard, but the
6:35 pm
love of the horse supersedes all else. we know firsthand owners, trainers and jockeys love and care deeply for their horses. >> the horse that was euthanized today was a filly named princess lilly b. the injuries happened at the end of a workout on the main dirt trackaanita. as we continue, continuing our coverage of the college admissions scandal. coming up, we talk with experts about how parents and their students can better discuss rather the pressures they face surrounding college applications. i'm michael finney. the 7 on your side tax hotline is open, and will be for another one hour, 25 minutes. give us a call, 415-954-7621.
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continuing our coverage of the college admissions scandal, if there is one thing we've learned from this scandal the last few days, it's society's obsession with where a child goes to school. >> and that in turn has sometimes contributed to the so-calle lyanne melenz look io the kind of conversation parents
6:39 pm
should be having with their kids. >> right. >> there is an unfortunate reality among most students. they cheat. not only on tests, but in general. challenge success is an organization that looks for strategies for better learning. they conducted a survey of more than 200,000 college students. >> there was this mentality that they tell us that if everybody is cheating and i don't cheat, i'm the sucker. so it's cheat or be cheated. >> and in many cases, it starts with the parents. here is a transcript of a conversation that a father involved in the scandal had with a person who arranged to have someone help his daughter cheat on the s.a.t. the daughter ended up receiving a high score, but apparently that wasn't enough. father, if you had wanted to, i mean, my daughter's score could have been 1550, right? the witness then responded no, because i would have got investigated for sure based on her grades. >> i feel like they're going to go through life expecting for things to be handed to them.
6:40 pm
and that's not how it's going to be. >> over and over again, i was reminded that what you do in college matters more than where you go. i found that hard to believe. maybe it's all about parents' egos. >> they're doing this because of status or brand or that bumper sticker on the back of their car. >> and by the way, studies show that getting into a top college seldom gives you the networking power you think you'll get by attending that school. denise pope says our purpos as parents is to have them be independent. >> you are worthy. and we see you for who you are, and we're not trying to make you into somebody you're not that is probably the most important thing a parent can say to a kid. >> so with what we know, is this going to change anything? probably not overnight, but i can tell you this. as a parent, i've been doing a lot of soul-searching, and that's a step in the right dirction. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> all right. well, nicole kidman has been added to the list of speakers at
6:41 pm
this year's professional businesswoman of california conference in san francisco. kidman is not only an actress, but also an advocate for women's rights and equality. kidman joins congresswoman jackie speier at the 30th annual women's conference. there will be more than 50 speakers and 30 sessions a the conference on april 23 rrd. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of this event ooh. everyone's favorite topics, taxes. 7 on your side's michael finney has experts right now answering your questions from four to 8:00 p.m. call the hotline now, 415-954-7621. the number is also on your screen, as you see there. you can also submit questions on facebook. yes, it is up tod
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breaking news in the east bay. three homes are burning on bethel island in contra costa, fully involved as you can see. the fires were first reported just before 6:00 this evening on taylor road right before we came on the air. >> firefighters are working to keep this fire from spreading. look at the smoke that you see there. there have been no reports of injuries so far thankfully, and countyoke, you can see it a it's prey we'll update this as soon as we
6:45 pm
learn any new information. let's move on now. you know, it's hard to believe, we're a little more than a month away from tax day. and with all the tax changes this year, there are a lot of questions. >> yeah, a lot of people probably scrambling right now. 7 on your side's michael finney is live with experts. >> hey, have you done your taxes yet? >> yes. >> oh, dan! >> working on them. >> okay. well, one of the big questions is why am i not getting as much money back? here to talk about that is richard sullivan. he is with the golden gate society of enrolled agents. are you getting that question a lot? >> getting it all the time. and most people are getting smaller refunds because their withholdings were lower than they normally have been. >> now how did that happen? so we had a tax cut, kind of sort of. what occurred? >> the -- when the irs through the treasury department redid their withholding tables, in my opinion, they on purposely
6:46 pm
over -- underdeducted the amount of tax liability. >> so that all of us would think we were getting more money? >> you got more money in your paycheck, but then when you come to get your refund for your vacation or whatever, it's much less. >> are your clients shocked? >> they are in shock. all of them. >> all of them? oh no! so what do they do now to keep this from happening next year? >> for next year you need to go to your employer, redo your w-4 to correct the withholding debacle. >> which means you're going get less now but not get caught off guard later. >> you'll get less now but you'll get a bigger refund at the end of the year, if that's your goal. >> are your clients doing that? i'm sure you're telling them to. are they actually doing that? >> some are. some aren't. and actually, i'm providing the service for them to help them do their w-4s. >> very good. thank you very much.
6:47 pm
i appreciate it. that's richard sullivan from the golden gate society of enrolled agents. now we're going to be here until 8:00. all of these tax professionals we have here will be here until 8:00 tonight, so you can give them a call at 415-954-7621. or you can go online online, #askfinney. and you can use that on either twitter or facebook, and we'll find it and answer your questions. reporting live from the 7 on your side oyrveffices, i'm mich finney, excellent. >> a lot of questions. from michael finney to sandhya patel. >> the weather is not too taxing. >> yeah, it is a good one. >> it is a good one. not taxing at all. take a look at live doppler 7. get outside and enjoy it. tomorrow afternoon you're going to see sunshine, mild weather. 63234 the city, half moon bay. upper 60s from fremont to livermore, san jose.
6:48 pm
65, oakland. 70 degrees in ukiah. really nice looking weather. nice enough to hit the beach. a light breeze tomorrow. and high uv index. you'll need the shades, the sunscreen. 61 at bodega bay. santa cruz, 66 degrees. the st. patrick's day parade is taking place on saturday. and really, the weather looks fantastic. identical it the luck of the irish. 59 degrees 11:00 a.m. low 60s in the afternoon. just perfect weather for parading. accuweather seven-day forecast, you see those temperatures inching up, as we head towards the weekend and into early next week. feeling like spring with low to upper 70s for our warmest spots saturday, sunday, monday, even into tuesday. but you start to notice those changes on the first day of spring when we welcome some more rain again. we get a chance to dry out, enjoy some sun, and a light level 1 system will drop our temperatures and bring in some rain. at least it's a chance on wednesday. stay tuned. the details are still a little iffy. but we'll fine-tune it as we get closer. >> yeah, but those mid-70an.s h
6:49 pm
sports. >> football to talk about? >> yes. a lot of off-season moves. 49ers introduce the man they hope will terrorize quarterbacks. and after his best game as a warrior, boogie cousins describes the drama of the nba as the dubs turn, next in
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. new wok fired shrimp, another (music throughout)reation now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. just when it feels like the warriors are a little vulnerable, that the run to another title is about to hit a
6:52 pm
brick wall, they respond in championship fashion. another example last night with kevin doesn't sidelined because of an ankle contusion. the warriors went inside to boogie cousins early and often. 27 points, 8 boards, 7 assists. the dubs hang on. kd pumped up with steph. free agency rumors have created daily drama. >> my grandmother when i was younger, she had this she used to watch, i'm sure y'all heard of it, "as the world turns." she called it her story. i got to watch my story. you know, i used to watch it with her, and every episode, it was something. that's what this has turned into, as the world turns. i don't look for drama or stories or anythin like that. i just want to go play basketball. >> no team loves aclu rehab more than the 49ers, and today they who has only , se o acl and
6:53 pm
achilles tendon injuries. today the 49ers introduced a couple of players they hope will bolster their defense. quan alexander coming back from a torn acl. and pass rusher dee ford, who knows his role, basically, see the quarterback, get the quarterback. >> my role is to go that way. nothing else. >> all guys, no breaks. >> right, right, right. very simple, man. very simple. >> towards the quarterback. >> they're going to really bolster our team. we love everything they bring, the passion they play the game with. they're dynamic players. and we've got better by signing these guys. we're thrilled to have them here. >> a hard liss son that you better game plan. the first game of 2016, we started out 0-1 because of it. i remember him having 20 tackles and getting maybe 16, 18. >> something like that. >> but it was bad.
6:54 pm
>> i like that. >> all gas, no brakes. theai cut a.j. mccarron and wide receiver jordy nelson. nelson had three tds in 15 games last year for the silver and black. baseball news. the a's officially broke camp in arizona. they are flying to japan. spring training not quite over. they will play two games against the nippon ham fighters and they open the season with two games against the mariners next wednesday and thursday. players are pumped about this trip. >> it's a trip i have been wanting to take outside of baseball. but now that we get the opportunity to go and not have to pay for a plane flight, i'd rather do it this way. i'm looking for ward to the culture, you know, the food. and then the atmosphere at the stadium that should wbe a lot o >>rst round of sawgrass, home to the famous 17th island green. only eight hole in ones or holes in one in the history of this tournament. ryan moore will make it nine. off the flag-stick and in. slow motion, slam-dunk.
6:55 pm
moore tied for fifth at 5 under 67. even more rare, a double eagle. this is harris english with a second shot on the par 5 11, 236 yards to the pin. and down it goes. he and tiger woods tied for 35th at 2 under. he is five back of the leader, tommy fleetwood and bradley. fleetwood ending the day with a birdie on 18. 7 under 65. the double eagle extremely rare. we have have something to tell you about saturday. abc 7 will have the first ever live broadcast from inside the chase center. our after the game crew will take you inside the warriors future home. that's immediately following the prime time matchup with the okc thunder here on abc 7. i was told today we have to wear hard hats for the entire show because it's an active construction site. yes. i paid for all this for nothing. it's going to be covered up. >> it's a shame! >> it is a shame. >> thanks, larry. >> hat head larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable channel 13.
6:56 pm
listen to this. scientists say they have awakened the cells of a woolly mammoth. jurassic stuff. >> bad idea. >> could it be the first step in cloning this prehistoric mammal? >> same line as robots. we're not so sure. on abc 7 news at 11:00, a real sweet gesture by a san jose baker. see how she is using p iday to give back to her community. tonight at 8:00 it's "grey's anatomy." at 9:00 catch "station 19" followed by "for the people" at 10:00. and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. and we want to take one last look. 7 on your side's tax line? >> we'll talk about that. with a little more than a month away from the tax day, so many changes this year. our team of experts is answering your questions right now. >> if you want to call in, phones are open for one more hour. just dial 415-954-7621. >> michael finney and a bank of experts that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news whenever you wish on the abc 7 news app.
6:57 pm
we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya patel, larry beil, the a entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> we'll you at 9:00 and 11. >> do the dinosaurs know when you're joining us? >> i want to be out by then. >> see you later.
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